Random update (Yeah, my life’s interesting!)

I’m loving the fact that everyone’s back at school and full of energy, promising more days of laughter, fun and teasing. Everything’s started… the chatter, the secret conversations at the back of the physics class, and dreading the chemistry periods. And then there’s this friend of mine who, as he always does, enlightened me today with a new theory that he learnt. This time it was about why it is impossible for a diamond to jump out of a box. Sometimes I wonder how he never gets bored learning all of that, but then I remember how I never get bored of some things too. The head prefects, the games captains and the deputies deputies have started running around again. A big meet is due in a month and guess what? The heads are putting together name lists, looking up for athletes and running through the programs over and over again. Of course they want to see our school grab the first place. I kept up with being insane (and our lesson for psychology today was ‘on being sane in insane places’) and told a friend of mine that I was leaving school at the end of the month. She threatened to ask my mother, my reply being, “She thinks I’m mad already.” Then she said she’d ask my brother and when I told her she had no way of contacting him, we started speaking about how random it would be if she asked my brother that for real. The conversation was pointless but fun nevertheless. The other friend of mine and I were still speaking about how I’d be a beauty queen and she’d be the stone on my neck (at this point I expect you to consider me completely insane). I had fun today and enjoyed watching my friends in the national dress. Friend A and I were making fun about posting another friend of ours in an envelope addressed to the washroom with a seal that says ‘Handle with care’. I enjoyed the day, every moment of it. I also got involved in this funny conversation where he said, “I’ve noticed girls can’t wait to go home. Whenever there’s a girl I want to speak to, she wants to go home.” That was actually funny because the moment he finished saying that I jumped up and said I had to go. This is me saying sorry for being more interested in getting home than in your conversation. I couldn’t help it.


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