To What’s Gone

I said I’d post this last Saturday.

Beautiful skies they were, clouds the shapes of hearts,
Meteor showers were a beauty as we watched out for stars.
We looked at kites and wished for ours to fly higher,
All was good, and through all we were together.

Trees seemed taller when we sat beneath them
We learnt our ABC’s there and counted to ten
Green grass and us, we danced to and fro
We embraced the hellos and hated having to go.

You always used to hide and I always used to seek
Because without you by my side, I was always weak.
In our pretend play and  games we acted out the future
We didn’t know keeping distance was part of human nature.

I see you now but you run away like I might harm you
I wonder if you know that what you do hurts me too.
What we’re doing now is not fair for the past we had
Not having you here as I write this is just really sad.

Did you really have to step away and leave me in the track?
I waited long enough to understand you wouldn’t come back
The path’s paved and nice but no one can walk it alone
I’m still waiting for you to take my hand and walk me home.

Do you see the tears I shed, do my memories make you smile,
Or have you let the old memories drift away for a while?
Couldn’t you bother keeping a door open, a window maybe,
Am I really the only one who knows that next to you should be me?

Have I changed so much that you can’t even recognize me?
Is that why you turn away from everything you promised to be?
How will I ever know without you telling me exactly why?
I wish for the old you back every single time you walk by.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. alienentity
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 13:13:09

    This is cute:3


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