How true is truth?

Just the way ‘Death Eaters’ become your best friends, would best friends become ‘Death Eaters’ too?

I looked around. Maybe I was right all along, maybe she was the one who was wrong after all. I have argued with myself, got into quarrels, ended up in tears and still accepted the wrong definition as the right one. Maybe it’s time I decide that I’m not always wrong. This could be the right thing for just once. Around me were faces masking betrayal. You’ve been there too, admit it. You’ve looked at a person and thought that they were all you would ever need… only to find out a little too late that you were terribly wrong. Why, then, do we still repeat the same thing? We trust another person because the last one wasn’t good enough. All we really do is double the damage. Why is it that we never want to accept it… maybe he was right when he said we don’t like to accept the truth. Because the truth’s too bitter, we can’t deal with it. We would rather live through the pain all over again than to learn from them. My favorite song says, “Old flames can’t hold a candle to you…” and I like it for a particular reason. But… how will I ever know if the candle would soon be an old flame too?


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