The Observer

The Observer. She was the Observer.

She leaned her left cheek against the cold window allowing the city lights to shine through the rain drops and blur her sight. She wasn’t focusing on the details but everything played back in her head like an old film… the colours spun around. Stories of the lives she’s come to cross paths with and faces played on, some stopping by for more than a few seconds. She didn’t seem to notice the other person in the room watching the tears stream down her tired cheeks. The glass on the window was now smoggy from her warm breath. The other person coughed to show her presence… no answer. Worried now, she walked closer to her and placed her hand on her shoulder. There was no reaction… no shock, no surprise, no need to wipe away the tears.
“Tell me…” She said.
The other sighed deeply. She had, after all, known that she wasn’t the only person in the room. “What if?”
“What if what?”
“What if I … What if I… was the Observer?” She asked, keeping her voice consistent through the sobs. She turned around to look at her friend’s expression.
The friend smiled. A smile to say she appreciated the fact that she was speaking to her but not so much that she would be offended. “What if I told you I was human? Would you stop being my friend?”
She laughed lightly, pulling her head away from the window… “But you are human.”
“Exactly my point! Being who you are doesn’t change a thing. You are the observer… so what? I’m human… so what?” She used the special tone she always used when she spoke to her friend.
“But, what if -…!” She protested. She wanted to let go of her friend but held a little too tight onto her.
“No one knows better than The Observer… ask The Observer and tell me what she thinks,” she teased but said it without a snicker or a laugh.
“A coffee would be nice. ”
The friends left off for a hot coffee in the rain, raincoats masking their identities. She was an observer.


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  1. Khaula Naxir
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 19:36:02


  2. amesha
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 15:10:53

    god!!! i love your deep writing:)


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