The Tribute

Your eyelids flutter as the wind blows across your face,
The frown disappearing from your forehead without trace.
Your cheeks blush as you catch a compliment in the air,
And you look away when you notice a beautiful stare.

Your words whisper comfort in my ears,
They take away every single one of my fears.
Your eyes assure me care and protection,
And your heart shows me determination.

Lying beneath the spotless sky you ask me to lie beside,
You ask me to leave the worries and the ignorant aside.
You teach me to swing the bat and handle the racket,
And take photos of me wearing your huge grey jacket.

I see you watching me from the corner of my eye,
But if ever I ask you if you were, you’d deny.
You love to read little tributes like this one I’m writing,
It’s a tribute for all the karate cum physical fighting.

Your hair rustles in the wind and you smell of star shine,
With you next to me, I’m always always always fine.
Your strong arm is around me to guide me where I walk,
You’re the bestest brother – to play with and to talk!



Bad quality image but still…


It’s almost as if my Chemistry book is laughing at my attempt to study -_-

No trace.

I walked into an empty class one day. There were a lot of tables and chairs, but there was no one in it. The bags looked lazy, some too bored to be left closed, some ripped open and some with stuff spilt out. I walked around, keeping the lights switched off and my footsteps unheard. I looked around to see if I could find the place I was looking for. It wasn’t there. I made a mental note of this – the person had left without leaving a trace behind. I was about to discover the truth in a little while. Emptiness does speak its own language.

Aweful and Awesome

Today was an awful day and an awesome one.

I can’t believe that I was actually that careless and that absent minded. Never in a thousand years would I have imagined this to happen. What are the chances of me being so carried away with thoughts? I’ve mistakenly dialled numbers I didn’t mean to call and have sent wrong text messages but I never thought I’d send a wrong message to a teacher. I feel so bad about it that I haven’t done any work since it happened.

And what makes today awesome? The fact that I met so many of my friends and how they all treated me. Three of them: Kaveeh, Amruth and Bimsara were so nice and said they wouldn’t leave till my mom came to pick me up. Plus, I had loads of more fun with them and with the others as well!

I am so nervous/excited as I’m typing this because something happened right now. Something that has left me in tears and smiles at the same time.

My heart beats.



Next to me

Just experimenting a new style. Opinions do matter 🙂

Next to me she lay.
Her eyes were a blurry,
She spoke to me slowly…
Like she had nothing to say.

On the grass her head rested,
And she gazed at the stars.
She hid from me her scars,
The smile was sugar-coated.

She was playing with the chain she wore,
She didn’t really know she was.
Laughter was a very large dose,
And she was afraid of anything more.

The girl besides her pulled at her ear.
She shook the  hand off her shoulder.
Something she snickered and told her…
Something I never got to hear.

She allowed the grass to tickle her toes
As she brushed away her shoes.
She was tired, this wasn’t news…
Her life was full of woes.

Next to me she lay…
She fell into a sleep,
A place she didn’t weep
A place she had things to say.

My first mobile post :)



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