Humanities Day 2013 (Psychology Class)

We had the Humanities Day in school today… What happened today doesn’t matter. What does matter is how we made it to today.

We stayed up late recording ourselves speaking.
We sent text messages day after day about the bits of the planning we couldn’t finish at school.
We shared the stories to how we messed up the posters.
We criticized our own work.
We knelt on the floor and cut out the Psychology symbol (And I injured my knee).
We accidently cut ourselves with scissors.
We planned on hanging brains from the ceiling.
We recorded each moment in our minds.
We worked towards proving the sterotypes wrong.
We used a lot of strong emotions.
We spoke of being proud potterheads.
We drew polka dots.
We made up for the mistakes.
We panicked.
We thought as hard as we could.
We received a text message at 05:40 am asking for sellotape.
We went to school on holidays and way before the days sessions began.

The list just goes on. Today was “Great Success” (in our teacher’s words) but compared to those three hours our work was complimented, we had more fun doing it all. The work was tough and meant cutting down on a  lot of study time – but at the end of each day, though tired, we could all go to sleep feeling like we were actually working our ways up to our words. We had fun, and I’m saying this on behalf of the entire psychology class because I know no one’s going to disagree. We had FUN showing people that  Psychology is FUN. 🙂


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