The Storm

Had Liz stayed inside the house, she would have lived to see the boy she was afraid she’d never see. Her baby brother.

It’s raining outside and it’s windy too. The drizzle has suddenly turned into a heavy shower and the cool breeze that blew across her pink cheeks has now turned into something wild and unruly. Each drop of rain that falls on the tin roof of the veranda sounds like stones being dropped from above. She shutters at the thought of the many tornadoes and cyclones she had heard about… could this possibly be one? Never before had encountered one and she didn’t know if this was one of them. A thousand thoughts speeds across her mind… what if something happens to her? What if she never gets to see her parents again? She wonders what her parents are doing at the very moment. They had promised to bring home a baby brother but will she see him? Will she live past the storm? The thoughts are scary, just like the monster stories… she’s worried and jumps out of her bed. She walks to the door and tugs onto the big door handle. Granny’s asleep and with all the noise, she doesn’t hear the six year old step out of the house to see if the sky had finished emptying the clouds yet. For a second she likes the bitter wind than pins her sweater onto her skin. There comes the sound… where is it coming from? Oh! It’s water. She only has time to smile at the sight of water. It floods her… she’s thinking about her visit to the water park a few months ago. This seems the same… only she’s still a little bit afraid. It comes crashing on to her… she’s being dragged away from granny and her house. She tries to push against the water, and her feet hits something so terribly that she cries out in pain. Windows are shut and doors locked No one hears her. She begins to breathe in water instead of air… Her lungs feel like they are on fire, so tight and so fierce. It spreads across her chest and up her throat. She gives up and collapses, and the water carries her away just like it had come. There’s a knock on the door home. Everyone’s celebrating and grandma calls out to little Liz to come see her baby brother. No answer. Her parents look at each other and her dad runs to her room… they had just brought home a new member to the family. Another had just left.

P.S: I have no clue why I wrote this… I think I’m losing my mind.
P.P.S: It’s raining outside and it’s windy too. I can hear it and feel it.


Good Friend?

You stare at me from a photograph. Your smile so beautiful, your face full of joy. It’s this very photo that’s making me hold my head in my hands and cry into my bare palms… how simply you take it all. How quickly you forget and how fast you change. For you it’s just another smile you suppressed, another unplanned word thrown in the air… but to me it’s way more than that. Way more. You’ve pulled out my soul from my body, sliced it into minute pieces and thrown them into a million corners of the earth. Now you expect me to find them, saying in your defense that you never told those words to me. Fair enough. You hurt someone with me as a reason to hold. What’s the difference? What is the reason? I should have known from the start that this would happen. I should have just taken a step back and walked away like anyone else would have. What made me think I could make a good friend?

A girl told me today that she had come across my blog and liked it. Thank you.
I met a friend of mine who hasn’t been in my class since year 2. I spoke to her… we enjoyed it.

You and Me

There’s always two ways to go about a problem.
The two of us, we chose the longer, harder route.
We’re almost sure we’re going to get bruised and scarred…
But the price earned will always mean more than a price stolen.

We’re in this together. You and me. Just you and me.

You’re still here

If there’s something I’ve learnt about love, it’s that it lives in you. I miss my grandfather but I love him still. I miss all the other people who can’t be here with me today, but I still love them just as much as they love me.

As I listen to your favorite song,
I realise I’ve missed you for too long.
I’ve missed your smile and your jokes,
Your punches and your pokes.

Your memories live in my diary,
Our lives are now just a story.
Your last present is on my table,
Your love in my heart, still stable.

I miss the way you questioned me,
How you taught me what I should be.
You shone when the stars forgot to,
Laughed when you had nothing else to do.

I’m glad you’re still here for me
Like you said you’d always be.
It’s been long but you’re still very near,
Every time I close my eyes you’re here.

You didn’t have to tell me

Why so shallow? That’s what hurts. I wondered… now I know.

You hurt me a bit… but I guess that’s alright since you would never know you did.
You asked me once if I would be mad at you if you knew something but weren’t telling me. It was not even a question… you just stated that that’s how it should be. I stopped you and said that you didn’t have to tell me about it. You turned around angry that I had said that you didn’t have to trust me.
What of today, what of now? If what you said that day was right, I’m supposed to be mad at you today. Really mad.
But, I’m not.
It just hurts that you thought I wouldn’t know.

Random Update (Yeah, my life’s interesting!) 02

It’s been a while since I posted anything here. I must say that I’ve been trying to: I’ve been typing stuff in this box and not posting them since they’re either incomplete or inappropriate. I didn’t want to post something old because… I don’t know why. (-_-). It’s just that the tests are around the corner once again and if I don’t try to put some sense into me now, I guess I’ll regret it forever. Or for a lot less that forever. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: Nerd, right? Well… yes and no. I’ve been dozing off on my books and ‘accidentally’ checking out my friends twitter account when I think I’ve been looking at a Biology mark scheme. It’s been happening all over again… texting while studying is still studying… right? Writing about a girl I saw on the road is still a way to improve your brain stuff… right? Ahh! The excuses I make. I’m not saying that I haven’t been studying, because that would be plain wrong. I’ve been reading, writing and studying. The best parts of this month have to be those days that I went to school, sharing the first packet of rice I had from the school canteen, that group study session that we thought we were actually doing, and the funny messages from my friends. So basically I’m not quite that bored but I miss school. There’s nothing I can do about it, and I can’t even say I’m waiting for school to re-open because we’re done with it. Doesn’t mean we’re still not going to go back for the papers and revision but it’s just not going to be eight periods of everything. I’ll save that for another post. There’s been so many birthdays over the last few weeks and my friends think I’m actually going to be singing at the Talent Show. No, they must have just been playing along. Everything’s fine. Everything will be. This is me, signing out for now. Take care everybody!

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