I told a story

Storytelling is fun… 

It was unexpected how it was my turn to relate a story… I could have very well chosen not to tell it but those words that were addressed to me a year and a half ago repeated themselves in my head: “So this is an opportunity… it’s just us”. Without letting myself think I spoke. I spoke like I was not afraid of the number of people around me, like no one could intimidate me. I spoke like everyone else. Just when I had finished a sentence I realised that I was out of breath. I was gasping for air and tearing… how could I have decided to speak like that? Their stares were piercing me with care and concern. I breathed, deep and well. They knew exactly what to do, they gave me a break. A small break – that’s exactly what I needed. They let their voices drown mine, their stares a rest and the controls let go…

Then I resumed speaking. And I spoke like I had spoken all my life, and they treated me as if I had.


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