All Over Again

I loved everything about that moment.

I loved how our hands held on to each other. We looked at how perfectly they sat there together, almost as if our hands knew better than we ever did. And then we looked at each other. Our eyes dug in to stare at every bit of the faces that time had decided to take away from us. When you looked into my eyes I saw something. Somewhere between the love and guilt that for once you had let yourself show in your face, I saw that small part of you reaching out for me. Waiting for me to say the words you had lately feared you would never hear from me.
I smiled at you… afraid and feeling insecure. You couln’t take it anymore. Like students pouring out of the school gates with the final bell, your face came to life with the emotions you had tried so much to keep hidden. Your lips twitched and you smiled the way I had longed to see you smile at me. You held my shoulders tight and hugged me. I stood there statued like I always do and accepted the warmth you were suddenly showering on me. At that moment when all I could see was the love you forgot to lose, I fell for you all over again.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Khaula Nazir
    May 09, 2013 @ 11:58:40

    I loved that. And enjoyed it too.
    So, the conclusion is that this is an awesome story, with an even more awesome title!


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