Now you may wonder what happened to me? Why the sudden silence? What makes me so much busier than I was when I had 9 papers to sit for? Here’s the answer (and the excuses)…
01. I’ve caught the flu
02. I’m working with my friends on the yearbook
03. I’m practicing for the school Talent Show (Not!)
04. I’ve dedicated most of my wordpress time for something very important.

How have all my friends in the blogging world been?


I realised that you can only see someone

I realised that you can only see someone when you know them well enough. I saw many people today.


Blog 7: “I’m not Boring, I’m Introverted”

The Book Notes Project

Last time I wrote a blog for the Project, I wrote about body image and dealing with people around you who may tell you that you shouldn’t look the way you look. I tried to make the point that you should do what you want to do and feel good no matter what people say. That’s want to talk about today, too.

So, I’m an introvert. And for a long time, I’ve felt really insecure about this. I’ve never been the person who’s had a big group of friends or who would go out several nights a week. When I was younger I used to be pretty quiet and I would have to get used to a new situation before being comfortable enough to speak. I’ve mostly grown out of it since then. It’s easier to talk to strangers for me now but I still consider myself to be extremely…

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Interesting Teachers

I did four A-Level subjects and all four of my subject teachers were really cool. Here is one thing each of them said about me that I never expected to hear from them:

01. “She’s very poetic.”
02. “You think in a different way.”
03. “She’s a good analyzer.”
04. “You were small and cute.”

woah! I like the new wordpress look!

365 days ago it was my first day if year 13. Today another class must be sitting where we sat and laughing at the same things we laughed at.

Thank You Amruth, that was the 200th like

Thank You Amruth, that was the 200th like on my blog! ^_^


I heard you

When some people speak to you, suddenly it becomes just so clear that they’re speaking to none but themselves.

You spoke those words to me, you spoke so clearly… and I heard them. You saw me listening and you knew I could hear you deeper than that. You saw the corners of my eyes burn and you knew I could see the same in you too. Your  words were not meant for me but you spoke them to me still. You spoke them to me almost as if you knew I could listen and I could hear. Yes, I did hear the cry behind that smile you put up.  I did see the betrayal in your eyes when you looked down and tried not to look at me. I could hear you, and you knew that I could. Our eyes met for less than a second and the secret spilled out. The words you pretended were not for yourself were suddenly all about you. You weren’t speaking to me, you were speaking to yourself.

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