Blog 7: “I’m not Boring, I’m Introverted”

The Book Notes Project

Last time I wrote a blog for the Project, I wrote about body image and dealing with people around you who may tell you that you shouldn’t look the way you look. I tried to make the point that you should do what you want to do and feel good no matter what people say. That’s want to talk about today, too.

So, I’m an introvert. And for a long time, I’ve felt really insecure about this. I’ve never been the person who’s had a big group of friends or who would go out several nights a week. When I was younger I used to be pretty quiet and I would have to get used to a new situation before being comfortable enough to speak. I’ve mostly grown out of it since then. It’s easier to talk to strangers for me now but I still consider myself to be extremely…

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