I’m sorry, you just gave in.

You know how sometimes you ask someone a question and then realise you shouldn’t have asked it at all? That’s all I can think of today.

People have been telling me this over and over again over the last five years… and what have I done? I’ve smiled, told them I didn’t know and tried to speak of something else. I was never able to listen to them say that, never able to stand the thought of it… but today, I have no choice. I’ve come to the same conclusion they did a long time ago. There was no question… it was just so clear and this time I couldn’t turn away from the obvious because I found it myself.

I’m sorry. I thought you were being extremely mean to me… turns out you didn’t have a choice. I know you always liked the attention and sympathy. I’ll give all you want… I just want to see you smile. I just want to go back to the times when neither one of us knew these big words. All we knew was that we’d grow up to be writers and designers. Things changed on the way and I didn’t know why till today. I’m here with you.





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Zeeshan
    Jul 13, 2013 @ 04:39:53

    Are you okay, LSGMH??


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