“We love you guys”

I remember how last year I had a post saying “It is you we will miss”. That was for the batch that left school last year. It’s our turn now and when I stood on stage today and looked out at the audience, there was just nothing I could do about it. Watching batch after batch leave, I knew our turn would come but I never even planned on how I’d cope with it because it never dawned on me that it’d come so soon. We’d leave. It’s almost as if our days are limited. It is. Next Friday and that would just be it. I heard someone scream “We love you guys” and I was just making sure to stay strong. To stay strong enough to keep myself calm so that the memories will not rush into me. With the years we became more than just a batch or just friends… because we were more and we will always be. Year after year I told myself that I’d miss them but that I’d move on. This year I can’t tell myself that, it’d just be a lie. I know I’m going to miss my friends and I can’t even tell myself that I’d move on cos I know I won’t.


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