It’s Eid time again… so obviously, tonight’s a busy night and the usual things are happening around me. And no matter how many times I’ve seen them happening, I love seeing it all again. My mom’s been the busiest – ironing all the new dresses and making watalapam. Me – this time I tried hennaing my hand and the house is filled with the smell of henna… which is pleasing. Calls have been made up and down exchanging greetings and people asking how many eggs you need to add to 500g of flour and other complicated parts of recipes that I never understand. My brother called and asked me to wish him like he always does and my friends have been bugging for sweetmeats. That cheer that spreads inside of me tells me that Eid is truly back! Excited to meet all my relatives tomorrow! 🙂 Eid Mubarak!


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