“Ra Ahase”

“Ra Ahasa” originally sung by Billy Fernando translates into “Night Sky”. This was sung beautifully by my friend Kaveesh and his brother Kavindu at the 2013 School Talent Show.

It was that time between the talent show auditions and the actual show. People were killing themselves trying to sound or perform better that the rest of the school… our batch had no more exams to worry about but we still had all the talent show and graduation preparations to look into. It was on such a day that I was walking with one of my friends carrying a stack of invitations and speaking about the talent show. He was to perform at the talent show as well… along with his brother and no matter how much I asked him, he didn’t tell me what song he was singing. We were laughing about this and talking about what an excellent job he had done with the invitation cards when suddenly we heard music from the floor below us. We quietened to listen to what exactly it was.
“THAT’S MY SONG!” He screamed and turned around.
Before I could register what he had said he had disappeared. I stopped in my tracks… I knew the song. It was one of my favorites. As fast as he reacted, I did too. I turned around and ran as fast as I could down to the music room. He was there, singing that beautiful song. He told me he’d take some time but I didn’t want to leave.
The chorus of that song translates to: “In the night sky, the moon doesn’t shine. This darkness, I’m not used to. The days we were close, I will not forget. I can’t stay in this darkness when you’re not here.”

A few days later I watched him perform this with his brother. The entire audience remained in silence until someone decided to clap to the beat and everyone else joined in. This was one of those moments I knew I’ll never forget because there was so much emotion and power in the words.

Today, it’s been two days since he left for university. I am painfully reminded of those words he sang at the last school talent show he’d ever get to perform in. Those words that day were meant for his brother, his parents, his family, and us… his friends. We miss you Kaveesh, and we hope you’re doing your best there!!


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