ZAM Adventures (i)

This one’s about Sam. And me.

Mock exams were a day away and Sam and I went to school. Our class was occupied and so were all the other classes we usually go to if we’re free. So we took a stroll around school until we found an empty class… We finally found an year 7 class where the students had disappeared leaving their bags and books. We sat here and started speaking about random things and looking under tables. We found a lollipop under one table and it looked seriously alone. I had some lollipops in my bag that day so we left one alongside it. We wrote a note as well. This is exactly what we wrote:
“Your lollipop looked lonely. From two fallen stars… ZAM.”
When we heard the bell we ran from the class as fast as we could and came back later to check on who really sat there. It was a girl. We noted down her name.
We never spoke to her… just kept an eye. We thought we might freak her out if we did… she didn’t know where she got the extra lollipop from, but somewhere in the big picture, we could have saved her day.


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