Fish Buns and Pizza

I’m trying to write something about someone/something everyday 😀 Sorry if it spams your reader!

I went for a class today. There were four girls there and I didn’t know a single one of them at the start of the class. After four hours of making pizza and fish buns, I had made a friend. She was a girl who looked exactly like a person I know and she had qualities to match. Somehow, though conversation was very little, we were sharing jokes and food. I felt like I had made a friend and I think she thought the same way too even though neither one of us were really even sure of the others’ names. We spoke a little, looked into each others’ books and questioned ingredients and weird things we heard and as we left we both looked at each other to say goodbye. Then we both looked away and walked. I don’t know if I’ll even see her again but hoping she stumbles on this page, I’m writing the goodbye we never exchanged.


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