His Mother

The boy was violent and angry and wanted to damage anything withing reach and hurt anyone he saw. His sister just got married and he felt like she no longer belonged to him… there was some other guy here stealing his dear old sister from him and since words did him no good he thought actions might. A glass cupboard separated his mother from him and in that instant he felt so mad that his mother had let some stranger steal his sister that he wanted to crash the cupboard onto her. He put both hands onto the cupboard and pushed it with all his strength and might. Glass shattered, things crashed and his mother has a deep gash across her forehead and at the back of her neck. Pieces of glass stuck at odd angles all across her arms and blood was dripping from a bad cut in her upper lip. Her eyes went blurry and she heard faint sounds of her son who hadn’t realised what had happened and was more interested in the glass he broke. Everyone around rushed to her and the boy was left unattended. He was tired from the enormous effort he had put in to push that cupboard full of glassware. He sat cross-legged on the floor, his head in his hands, sweaty and proud of what he had just done. His mother pushed everyone who had come to her aid aside and ran to the kitchen. When she walked, blood and glass stained the white tiles. She grabbed a glass of water and rushed to her son who was still seated with his head in his hands. She lifted his head with her hands stained with blood and offered him the glass of water. He drank without question and smiled at his mother. The blood stains on her face were washed away with her tears and while everyone else was confused about what had happened, she knew for sure that the person who needed all the care in the world will always be her son. Nothing said or done will change that.


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