Hidden Meanings

My first post from the place I’m now used to calling home: Hidden meanings. I’m calling this “Hidden Meanings” because my flat mate asked me today if I have a hidden meaning behind everything I write… and I liked the way the words “Hidden” and “Meanings” went together.

Life is all about hidden meanings. The smile you see in my face comes from having hid the tears for too long… it’s all about putting up the brave face to the world. Deceiving them. Stopping them from caring… And knowing just too well about all of this we still go ahead and do just that. We’re puppets of what society expects of us. But then again, who makes society’s expectations? It’s no one but ourselves. So in some weird and confusing way we’re living up to our own expectations, and that’s showing the world everything we’re not. A laugh that never belonged to you, a word you never meant to say or a hug you never wanted to give away. We’re hiding the meanings in our lives and we’re hiding them good. You, and me. And then I’d read this to you forgetting completely that I’m no better than you. I’m what you expect me to be… the perfect human and by pretending to be just that I’m losing my actual perfect self. The one that cries when sad and laughs only when expected to and smiles because that’s the universal language to the hearts of people. I don’t understand what we’re hiding but we surely are doing it and we’re doing it well. And to those who thought they were too cool to relate to this post I’m writing this just for you… because you’ve become a puppet more than anyone of us. You’d expect me to give a solution or a way out but I won’t because I’m just the same.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Zeeshan
    Nov 11, 2013 @ 07:17:39

    This post was incredibly thought provoking. Makes so much sense. Loved it 🙂


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