A Rose for the Others

Warm Nights and Cold Fires

Let the others be seen for a while. The ones who don’t sing, or act, or have the shiniest locks in gold town. Some of us aren’t all that charming, born under the limelight, some of us don’t see it. Some of us just exist.

Spare a glance for the ones that struggle to walk by, the ones to struggle for their smiles, we who live on scrapings. Give a glance to the mortal few among us.

Look at the few folk that are true. The ones that don’t have to convince you of shit. The ones that don’t have to prove to you how much they’re worth. How beautiful, how precious they are. See how they hide their corrupt fallacies beneath. See that we don’t have to.

Look at the sweet talking, two timing backstabbing, bitching assholes for what they are. And then look at the true friends that…

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