The Best Conversation

Sometimes the best conversations are in which no words are exchanged.

The best conversations we have are the ones in which we don’t speak, because that’s the only time we aren’t fighting. The silence is mesmerizing and beautiful and explains things words will never be able to. I see the meaning behind the silence as you look at me and as you look away. You spill the secrets you would never want me to know when you’re not speaking.I see the secrets you hold and the reasons behind the smiles you silently let me see. You turn away as if a look at me might kill you but I’ve noticed the times when you have actually doubled back to see if I reach home safe and the times when you’ve hidden behind the trees just to make sure that I’m not someone company. You forget time and again that I’m watching you just the same way too… watching you hoping you’d be the first one to share a friendly smile. Why does it have to be that our way of showing how much we care for each other actually be through rude words and hating each other for things never done and things never told. You’re here again, sitting across me. For a second our eyes meet and I see my reflection there. It matches the expressions you wear. I wonder if you see the same in me… and I’ll keep wondering till I know for sure.


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