A Georgian Chocolate wrapper

This one’s about my flatmate (I’m not mentioning the name because I’m not sure how she’d react if I did) and a long chocolate story with a bet somewhere in the middle. I’m writing this to Thank her for the chocolate and the wrapper… I have never been the one to have words spoken at my command and hence this written blog post.
This one’s for Zee and Asho… because you guys asked me to keep telling the stories. Here’s my first story from here… unedited 🙂

A week back I was in the kitchen and my friend was there as well.
We had a small conversation:
“I’m eating cucumbers now. I can’t believe it!”…
“You don’t eat cucumbers also? What’s the tastiest vegetable… umm… it would be tomatoes…”
“Tomatoes are fruits”
“No, they’re vegetables.”
“No, it’s a fruit.”
“Fine, they’re both… but they’re more vegetables.”
“They’re fruits. What’s the bet?”
“Umm… a… well…”
“What do you want?”
“Chocolate. A small slab of chocolate.”
I said this because I know she how much she likes chocolates and it’d be really nice to see her giving the one thing she loves so much after losing a bet.

So we both went to our rooms and googled the issue. Answers were both. A fruit and a vegetable. We both lost. We both won. We both deserved chocolates.

After class that day I got her a chocolate and wrote a note that said
“Congratulations on winning 50% of the bet. I’m still awesome :3 Enjoy the chocolate!”


A while later, all of us had the chocolate together.
And then I went back to my books and so did everyone else.

About an hour later I heard something or someone at my door. I took little notice of it because the last time we did we ended up thinking the place was haunted. Then my door opened and there stood the friend who was so certain about tomatoes being only just fruits. I screamed and almost fell off the chair, for no apparent reason. She said she was sorry, closed the door and left. That was shocking and suspicious. Only then I noticed that there was something on my table that didn’t quite belong there. It was a chocolate wrapper, except it wasn’t just a chocolate wrapper. It was filled with words (and you know how much I love words). Half way through reading it I stopped to make sure this was meant for me because it was so beautiful. I didn’t know what to say about it and that’s why I’m writing it here. For my absence of words may have been considered an ignorance of the piece of paper that meant so much to me.


The next day I came home after a class where we had all performed dreadfully and were feeling devastated by what the teacher had told us. I left my bag and went to the table to find something out of place yet again. Chocolate. A slab of chocolate with a sticky note that had a hand drawn little elephant carrying a sign board with a tomato.


Sometimes all it takes to brighten up someone’s day is a little surprise. A surprise that comes unasked for and surprises that remind you that life’s worth taking the hard roads for. I never told my friend how much that chocolate wrapper or finding that slab of chocolates meant to me because I never really found the words to make it sound real. That’s why I’m writing here. Those who read my blog know that only stories that really matter to me end up on my blog… and considering the length of this post I think you’d be able to guess just how much this meant to me. Georgian chocolates are the best, but you know what’s better than Georgian chocolates? Words on a Georgian chocolate wrapper that comes as a surprise…


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  1. Hash
    Dec 06, 2013 @ 20:37:24

    wow.. Im speechless.. n u knw me,, that aint not smthin that happens often. 😉


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