You deserve someone better

Sometimes you just know that you’re not good enough. This is one of those times.

Something in your pretty eyes tells me a story,
They tell me that there’s nothing to worry.
Something makes me think just one more time;
What is not to like about you being mine?
There’s something about the way you smile
That adds to your unique and peculiar style.
It tells me you love me and you do really care;
The way you smile when they say things and stare.
I love the way your spectacles sit on your face
Waiting for me and a  warm loving embrace.
Hiding the sparkle behind them that defines you
Is the beautiful story that speaks about you.
Sometimes I turn away before you do,
So that you have no idea or clue
About why I pretend I don’t know,
And you wouldn’t question me so.

I just want you to know you’re amazing
Beautiful, handsome and a little bit crazy,
But you deserve someone better than me…
I’m just not the one for you even if you are for me.


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