You’re Going Down Tonight

Things make so much more sense once you know what you’re talking about

You’ve teased about the way I look and bullied about the decisions I’ve made. You laughed at me, made me hate you and every time I reached out to push you away from me, I killed a small part of myself. Every time you tickled me with your thoughts and made me insecure, you took away the best bits about me. I tried to destroy you the way you were destroying me but you were out of reach, unaffected, intangible. Sitting in that corner all by yourself, laughing at my vain attempts was you, laughing still, making reasons to push me to the end yet again. Tonight you’re doing it all over again. You’re pulling at my heartstrings, playing the death tune in my head and whispering in my ears to make the impulsive decision I’ve struggled not to make all this while. I want to do it, I want to kill you.. be rash, be impulsive, be everything you’re tempting me to be. Tonight the dagger’s going right into your heart, the poison will run through your veins, the words you haunt me with day after day, second after second, will go right down the drain. Tonight I’m strong because you’re weak. You won’t survive the fall this time, you can’t laugh at me anymore. I know the risks, I know the consequences, I know that every step towards you is a step away from tomorrow but I’m taking it. I’m taking this step because all that matters right now is to put a stop to you… Tonight, you’re going down.


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