Your Story

“Parting is such sweet sorrow.”
Sometimes you have to say goodbye not to the person itself but to a tiny piece of a person hidden among the many other pieces.

I looked at your eyes and saw a story there. A story waiting to be told but one that no one would ever stop to listen to. I looked at it, trying to read between the lines but all I saw was a blur of colours because you were covering it up. You were hiding the best parts of the story, forgetting the person standing in front of you. Your story, waiting to be heard but forever yours to keep. I could read the lines underlined, I could hear the words you chose to whisper instead of scream, I could see the tears you never let go of because you were ashamed of people seeing it. You were breaking down in front of me but you covered it up. The smart and formal clothes you wore so proudly presented a person you never were. Your true self shone through all of that, there are some things that just can’t be covered… like the thoughts you were so skillfully hiding. You thought you were good but when you realised I was seeing right through you, you tried to hide them, but then you forgot what you were hiding… The smiles that you were proud of , lost in time and covered by dust… there was something in the way you smiled that took you back to the times when you ran around, played like all kids did. Your tears, though painful and sad came with a price. I was listening to the song your soul was playing… the music that I was so touched by. Your true self shone, your true colours were brought out… I looked at you one more time and I knew things would be alright. I had learnt something though you didn’t know. You may have tried to hide the story from me, but I saw you adding me in your story for just you to know. I looked at you one last time and I knew I’d never see you again but I’d never forget you either.


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