The Drink That Killed Her

If you think I was writing about you, you’ve got it wrong 😀

He  says he drinks just enough to kill all his fears
And he drinks till that bottle drowns him in his tears
And then to a different world he escapes to
Somewhere he thinks he can start things anew
He dreams of places beautiful and things nice
And he listens to everything but his own cries
He’s desperate to make his way out of his own grave
But he’ll put himself down if there’s someone to save
He sips his drink, a glass of whatever at a time
Then looks down at the bottle like it’s a crime
He’s killing himself slowly and he knows it  pretty well
He took one more sip, that’s when the dreams and he fell
Sitting there, wasting his short life in his own time
Claiming at ease all his problems only to be mine
Memories flood his mind but simply he ignores them,
And pretends to be a person sunk deep in fame.
He whispers his words and muffles an innocent cry
And they give him disgusted looks as they pass him by
The blood will kill him someday but he doesn’t care
Cos life without his drinks would be a nightmare
His eyes a bloodshot red, he stares longingly at the stars
Looks at Venus, smiles painfully and then names it Mars
“The good times will pass”, he sighs and says
But he doesn’t take a step away from where he stays
He wipes the sweat off his dirt grimed forehead
And believes and swallows all the lies he’s ever been fed.
He’s a lone person walking down the street tonight,
Looking for a life, looking for a sign to start a fight.
But, at the end of the day he’s still the people’s friend,
He’s their man and they just won’t pretend.
He drinks all day but that’s a secret he’ll never tell
But all things came down the day he tripped and fell.
That day he lost not just his own poor life,
He also lost his daughter and his loving wife.
“A car crash” was all over News Flash
But that bottle was that man’s real trash.
Tonight that bottle’s in the hands of another,
Crying for her destiny, at home is her poor father
She sips it, falls to the floor and yelps in pain,
And another life is lost in vain.


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