Do I know You?

How much should you know a person before you can say you know them? Sometimes we meet people and then never speak to them again.. never find the address, never the last name, never even find out if they remember you the way you remember them. But that doesn’t make us forget the tiny fraction of a second we shared with them.

Your eyes, they’re sparkling again
Your face, it twitches in pain
Your hair, it rustles in the breeze
I watch your heart slowly freeze
Your lips, they curve into a smile
In your hands is a legal file
Your dimples, they speak
You watch my legs go weak
Your touch, it brings me back
There is something your words do lack
Your pen scribbles down my name
Nothing again will ever be the same
Your fingers, they run across the paper
And there I neatly place my signature
Without another look you walk away
Your shoes, they’ve got their own way
I stare after you, our deal here’s done
We’ll leave the place just the way we’ve come
No word will be spoken though well known
You’ll be elsewhere and I’ll be alone
But that’s how the story goes, so goodbye
Like our story, having known you is just a lie


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