Every sandcastle built falls to pieces.
For Sudaraka and for Zee.

We’ve all built sandcastles, watched others do it and sometimes have had to watch the painfully as the castles wash away. When a friend of mine compared my writing to building a sandcastle I imagined myself neatly and carefully stacking together my words to make a structure that would eventually be washed away with the water, get blown away with the wind, or trampled by someone who walks over it by mistake or tries to jump over it but falls on it instead.
My words are weak, they are fragile just like the grains of sand but when placed one on top of the other they are strong enough to build a castle, the structure… weak, but a castle by appearance. And no one knows that the moment you give it a little push, it’ll shatter because the castle is only just an imposter, an attraction. The hard surface on which it was built, or the sour meaning behind the sweet words is a contrast too much for the castle to remain standing. All it takes is a gush of warm summer air, or a tight squeeze of love to break down the word castle. It protects the meaning from the world outside but it does a very poor job of it. Every person and every eye can awe at the beauty of the masterpiece but the moment that one person gives it a look and innocently turns away, the castle comes down. It turns to ruins, becomes a mound of sand or words. It needs work to fix the edges again, fingers to put the broken hearts to place, a strong hand worn down with scars to lift the girl buried under the weight of the sandcastle that crashed onto her.
She breathes again, smiles for those who look at the fingers working tirelessly, cutting out the wrong words and replacing them with others instead. She weaves together a piece of art. A sandcastle, and puts it up for the world to see. Then she watches the passers by have their go at it… some admire the work, others they criticize, some stop by to poke a stick through or take a look through the tiny door, kindle the meaning behind the words and then leave the castle to wash away like all other castles do.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Zeeshan
    Mar 06, 2014 @ 16:41:40

    Lovely, Zulaiha 🙂


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