Incompletely in love with Life

This was something I posted on facebook. It relates to some very personal memories – painful and beautiful. Let me know what you think 🙂

I fall in love with the broken hearts, the forgotten souls and the lonely wanderers. I fall in love with the little kids with big dreams; the ones that sit around a fireplace counting the years they’ve lived with their fingers; the ones that call themselves secret detectives. I see painful beauty in the eyes of the selflessly selfish people; the ones who’d rather have no company than to see another life wasted. I remember the men long forgotten; the ones who swore to make a change but forgot with time. I see an impressive self living beneath all the violence and vengeance in the boy who’s labeled a bully. I see just the same in his friend who takes blow after blow, hiding the tears from the world because he’d rather hurt himself that anyone else. I respect the girls who speak in code while everyone laughs at them so that if anyone’s getting into trouble, it’d just be the few of them. The graffiti artist holds in himself all that defines himself as a hero but the moment he pulls off his mask of indistinguishable emotions he’d just be a painter. He paints the world of the dancer in the dark with dreams that didn’t live the life outside his head. The crowd admire her confidence as she walks on stage with a gaze that doesn’t miss any eye and a spring to her steps that make her look taller; none of them know that she’s made herself tall so that she can look for the half of her that she lost in the crowd. I fall in love with the simple things in life like the anonymous written notes from a boy I’ll never know. I fall in love with the misspelled words and tongue slips, the people broken a little too much to be repaired.I fall in love with the calls never answered and the voice messages and the dimples and the silence. I fall in love with the trees and the birds and the boy who couldn’t embrace his fall.The red roses on the floor, the wildflowers on the road, the abandoned apartments and the hat on the old man’s head. The teardrops on the paper, the brush strokes on your face; they define you. I fall in love with the imperfections in life. So, if your heart’s a little broken and your soul feels shattered, if you’re a lonely wanderer letting the stars guide you to your destiny, if your voice silences a deafening scream or your words echo inside your empty framework and choke you,that’s alright. There’s a pair of beautiful eyes staring right back at yours.


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  1. sucayna
    Sep 04, 2014 @ 17:09:22

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