Black Hole

You could be an average star and die a white dwarf or be a massive star and die a black hole. To someone whose attempt to be a star seemed to me like being sucked in by a black hole.

You have an ego so big that you forget that I’ve got one too. I fight to live as well, so when you put me down like that a part of me gives up hope. My chances of tomorrow come down, my hope of life is dimmed till all I see are fading lights in the distance. I stare at how bright you shine with me kicked out of your spotlight and I realise how little I actually know about you. And in my vain attempt to know for real who you are, I ask you if you’re feeling alright. That’s how much it takes to remind me that I don’t belong in your circle of friends, that’s how much it takes for you to break me down like a vase made of glass thrown against the wall. I shield myself from the weight of your words thrown at me and cover my eyes from the light you’ve stolen from everyone around you. Of course you shine the brightest but even the brightest stars become black holes before they die.


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