Break Free, Run Away.

We say people build walls around us, but the tallest of them all are the ones we build ourselves. These are the ones that don’t falter or come crashing down like all those others will at some point. Like shields of steel, to keep ourselves from hurting, we place our shields around us in the forms of boundaries and taboos… what never occurs to us is that these shields aren’t perfect. They keep us away from all the ‘trouble’ we’d get into otherwise but like caterpillars having no way out of their cocoons, we rot away from the inside. When we could spread our wings in this wide world like so many who dared to do did, we watch a filtered image of a world from inside. And from behind the bars, everything looks a little different… and we don’t try to break free because we don’t understand why we would. We think we’ve got it good, that so many others die everyday.. but at least they die as heroes of their own stories. We die as victims in the arms of the ones who stepped out. So, like so many did before and so many more never did, I’m going to Break Free. I’m going to Run Away… Sixty Seconds is a long time to wait indeed.


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