Happy Birthday ^.^


Hey Mushroom!

It was a tragic story that made us friends and even though you freaked me out a little (and a lot more!) by being inhumanely nice to me, you proved yourself un-creepy (or at least less creepy than me! :P) eventually. I’m so glad I know you because you’ve always found ways to make me smile throughout this year. We’ve never actually had a proper conversation, because, like we have been told, I (or you -_-) always “run away” but somehow the two of us find incredibly nice things to talk about online (like mushrooms and frogs :P)… I’d write this and give you a letter but sadly I have a feeling it’d be another awkward meeting where I say something like “Nice to meet you… Not really” 😛 Anyway, we should hang out sometime… with or without biriyani 😉

And because you’re inspirational and because you say I’m inspirational and that I know what’s going through your mind. Because you trust me and believe in me, and compliment me. Because you say you’d be there for me even when I’m old and cranky, calling me a frog… Because you say you’re glad I came to Tbilisi cos you got to know me, and because you say I’m one of the “nicest” person you know (and because you sometimes lie :P). Because you have an affinity to exploding water heaters and you promised to cook for me fried mushroom to drink with hot chocolate and because you’re the only Zeena Mushroom HK I’ll ever meet, I’m hoping you have the birthday you truly deserve. And that… is the best. Cos you are too!


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