I wonder if this time you’d read through. I wonder if you even remember…

I met you as a stranger, and for a few hours I thought you were an illusion… No, not the beautiful kind; the scary kind. I was scared. I don’t know if you could read it on my face like you can read it in my words like you do now that I wasn’t comfortable. I was trying not to speak to you and that was all you were trying to do. You never took the time or effort to introduce yourself to me, and I didn’t ask for it. We didn’t need introductions… but somehow though, we did. To prove ourselves less of jerks than we thought of each other. In a strange way one day you asked me a question that to this day I don’t think you know. You asked me if I was real, and that was your opening line of a casual conversation. I said I am and you didn’t ask again. You just knew the truth in the statement. Where we began all those years ago and where we are right now aren’t all that different. In a virtual space between you and me, separated by a few screens and names we learnt from each other… we stare at each other, the faces made of words that sometimes we keep from saying. We’re somewhere stories and endings matter more to us than we say they do, somewhere one of us was curious and the other impressed. We’ve got a long way to go, but I’m not planning on moving a step away from where we are right now.


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