A piece of decoration in a black and white world

I was speaking to a friend yesterday who confessed to me that very often she feels like a piece of decoration in the world. We spoke about it then regarding how maybe it’s not that bad to be a piece of decoration after all. She asked me to write something about it, so here goes:

You go out into the world hoping you can perfectly blend in with the rest of the people and suddenly you are confronted by a group of people who, out of love, say you’re too colorful for the world. Too glittery, too something that makes you look more like a clown than a friend… too out of place. Like a piece of decoration someone forgot to take off when they painted the world black and white. And you live the rest of your life hating decorations because that’s what you’ve been asked to do.

But, dear friend, if you’re the only piece of decoration left on Earth, I’ll love you a little bit more because you’re the one that colors my world when everyone else tries to take away the glow in it. I’ll swear to be the proudest of your ‘absurdity’ because it isn’t absurd to me at all. You chose to shine, and to shine in such a dull place takes the courage everyone else lacks. Your colors baffle me but I’m fascinated by them.

They all say you’re a piece of wrongly woven art but take a second to imagine all the broken pieces of art coming together. The forgotten pieces of decorations, all the love lost in vain because they were told to hate decorations and that they looked like decorations themselves. Imagine the world lighting up when we finally find the inspiration we lost and the love we were taught not to remember? Imagine you, me and the rest of the world putting up a firework display to complete the masterpiece we were destined to make…

Maybe, after all, we do have something that’s different from everyone else… maybe you’ve got something they don’t? A little bit of glitter, or a shine that the stars sprinkled on you alone? And yet you let them call you the weird one. Just because you’ve been taught not tor to judge anyone… and in doing so you’ve judged yourself terribly wrong.


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