An Anonymous Note

THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN :’) Can’t stop smiling 😀

one chubby blob

Today was a rather astounding day.

Here’s me browsing through the books – yes, I finally entered the labyrinth of a book shop – and was basking in absolute bliss. I picked up a copy of ‘Gone Girl’ and find myself browsing through it’s pages. I was immediately pulled in by the blurb and the whole mystery that it exuded. My eye catches another copy and I pick it up, and I notice a little note with a cute little symbol thing at the end.

“Breathe, now read these words. Everything written in this are words just for you.”

It was surprising, but also rather intriguing. I hope I meet the person who wrote this note one day, so I can tell him/her how they made my bland day just a little bit better.

Thank you, random person who keeps notes in books. You made a huge difference.


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