I’ll Remember

I will remember every sentence you left hanging mid-air, I’ll remember every story you ever told… and even though you’re going to grow up and you’ll start combing your hair different I’ll still remember the way your face looked when you were eighteen and your heart weighed heavier than your legs could carry. I’ll remember how you used to remember the words, the memories and the truth. I’ll remember you for trusting me above yourself, for telling me I was the only friend you’ve got, then doubting yourself and telling me I wasn’t me, then going back to your initial decision. When you forget the password to all the secrets you still keep in your mind, I’ll tell you the stories just the way I did years ago and I’ll listen to your heart fasten every time I mention a name that you used to consider part of your own. I’ll remember the way you promised yourself never to look this way or that again, and when you do, that’s what I won’t remind you. Those promises you made after years of pain but decided to let go after years more… I won’t remind you of them. When by chance we meet across the street with stories of our own that we never got to share, I’ll shake your hand and allow you to introduce yourself to me all over again.


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