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There are no beautiful places in countryside Alaverdi

This is one of the ugliest and not unique downtowns in the world. Ever. DSC_0422

Streets in Tbilisi are ugly like thisDSC_0611

Especially when you see some ugly art nouveau style doors like this one in some of themDSC_0224 Georgian Folk Dances are so boring and not beautiful georgian danceThere are no picturesque lakes in mountainsabudelaurebiGeorgian Cuisine is so poor and does not taste good at allac65d97e1accEspecially Khachapuri does not seem to be appetizing Hachapuri2NThey have neither any nice Art Cafes amorameNor any underground placesarsadNor hipster bars in Tbilisidive bar All Georgian towns and cities are so old -fashioned and not modern BatumiAll Churches in Georgia look the samebatumiChurch

Canyons here are this green and cool in the summer, but who cares, right? kanioni

Landscape of Kazbegi is so boring and uglykazbegilandscape

Krubera Cave is the deepest cave in the world, but whatever

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