You Belong Too

This includes a great deal of things I’ve been trying to tell myself lately. It wasn’t until I was done answering a question in class that I was able to put the words onto paper, and then here.

Breathe, then speak the words you know,
Where you’ve come from and where you’ll go.
Tell them; Tell them, all of everything,
Don’t stop for anyone, Don’t stop for anything.

And when they tell you you’re an idiot,
Laugh aloud and laugh with all your heart.
When the pain washes away; cry.
Sob until your eyes and sore and tears dry.

Pick yourself right back up and walk away
If where you are is not where you want to stay.
When your soles can’t  bear your weight
Remind yourself of why I think you’re great.

Here’s what I need you to take from me:
You are full of everything you need to be,
Brains, beauty, humour, love and tragedy
You often stumble but you always walk steady.

Go ahead, be all you are, it’s really alright,
Never; Never come down without a fight,
Confuse them, try and do prove them wrong,
And when they least expect it, be strong.

If the days are too long and the nights short,
And if you can’t find what you’ve sought,
Hold on to these words I wrote for you
Remind yourself that you belong too.


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