In the blink of an eye what you were and what I am merge to form the thickest blend of colours I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen myself this broken but stating the fact breaks me more… I’m looking for the right brushes to complete my painting. A painting that never existed in the first place. Your words still so loud in my head, your thoughts still so brave inside my mind, I’m looking for beauty in a place love has been lost way before time could turn back the hands of the clock and in the darkness I’m trying to reach out for you but the closer I get, the more distant you seem to be. I’m trying to fix myself with all the things that break us and I know this because I’ve been there myself. Call me what you want but I still call myself yours. Broken, sewed back together wrong, and packed with words swallowed with pride because life takes turns and I took the wrong one. Where you and I stood trying to figure out the rest of the road I looked back to make sure we had come the right way and now that we’ve passed two stops from there, I’m not too sure anymore What if, i think more often than I say I do. What if, you and i weren’t the beginning or the end. What if you and I were always just two characters to the story that twisted the plot to make the story interesting. Those characters that live in the corners of the readers’ minds, bothering them like a silent itch, a distance away from where they need to be. I’m breaking apart and you hold me tight but your firm hold only breaks me further. I’m trying to break the silence but your words scream louder than my words have come to know you and knowing you has become not just the best thing that happened to me, but also the worst. If it is as simple as you say to forget people, then why do you waltz your way back into my conversations over and over again as if life is a song that never ends? Why do I still sing the words louder than your own inside of your head? Where are you, I wonder often and I stop myself short and remind myself that I’d rather not know that you’ve been looking through my mind again. I draw all the circles I need to around you so that when you reach out to touch me I’d be gone faster than you’d think I could but you still leave traces of yourself behind in me so that we’re still a part of each other. With the warmth of your touch, even the coldest walls crumble at our feet and the truth falls into place.  I’m trying to run away from your words, but I stumble upon them and fall two steps back. You’re always there to pick me up, but did you ever notice that it’s you I’m falling for?


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