Over and Over

No intro, because I think I’ve said it all.

My words write, over and over, about the same person,
Giving myself all the excuses, giving myself reasons.
Your name in my mind is like a persistent stain
Stuck in there forever, stuck with a numbing pain.

I gave you my heart, wrapped and with a bow,
You took your time to play with it and then let go.
I’m chasing after a balloon that you already burst
Because when I stop, I know it’s going to hurt.

Your memories draw circles and borders all around me,
Stopping me here and stopping me from all I want to be..
I walk to the edge, turn around and walk right back.
It’s your words I miss, it’s your presence I lack.

I wonder if your thoughts are just where you are
Or do they travel to visit me to some place far.
If they come here I’ll serve them a tear or two;
That’s the only thing I’ll get that’s closest to you.

Your every story, every smile is etched in my memory
But if these words find you, please write back to me…
I long to hear your adventures and of the days I’ve missed,
Of all the drinks you’ve sipped and all the stars you’ve kissed


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