Time to go

It’s not easy to go crazy, or to give in to death. They’re both only last resorts.

And in the silence I hear a sound
Of muffled footsteps walking around.
I look to find where it’s coming from
But before I know it the sound’s gone.

In the darkness I take each step,
One to the right and two to the left;
I walk to find the silent whispers,
But when I do, the voices disperse.

In the distance between your eyes I see
Everything more that you yearn to be.
And even in the silence of your empty heart
I hear a hollow beat and a pulse start.

In the words you hide between each breath
I listen carefully and measure their depth;
You’re smiling but you’re shaken inside…
You’ve got a lot to show, but more so to hide.

In the silence I listen to my thoughts,
Not a sound heard, not a person sought.
But I scream louder than I’ve done ever before;
Until I stop and I know it’s only but time to go.


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