Remember me, for all the things you figured out about me. For all the secrets I couldn’t keep from you, for all the darkness in me you could shine a light on. Remember me for how I asked you for answers. Think of me when you’ve got an answer years after the question was asked, and think of the smiles I thought you never saw, think of everything you told me you wished to reach. All the places you are now that were once only fragments of your imagination. Remind yourself of how you could spin my head, how the mere thought of you still brings a numbing pain within me, remind yourself that you’re more than you claim to be. If you meet someone on the street who asks for your name, don’t lie this time. I won’t be around to cover up for you. Don’t pretend you accidentally called someone, because that doesn’t work past the age where hiding behind a wall can protect you from the world. Don’t lie; don’t lie at all. Don’t throw rocks and hide. Show up. Step out of the shadows, and maybe you can even give it a break and take the blame for yourself. There are no malfunctioning spies anymore, they’ve got better jobs now. There’s no one to do the job for you, or play pretend. No active members or sleeping ones. No one to stop you or say you’re wrong. None to poke sticks at and none that would take your insults anymore. So think this time. Think again. Hate me if you want to, but think back to when it wasn’t this way. When my eyes saw your words the first, when my voice reached your ears the first. Dreams we dreamt and futures we longed to see. How simple and how complicated. The dares we dared to do, the battle scars, burnt kitchens and trips and falls that kept us holding on to each other. The distances we ran, the things we hid from, the pictures we painted, the stories we wrote.Remember me, for more than all that everyone else knows.. Remember me for all the moments that stand between me and you; the only bridge we have left anymore. Remember me for just what you knew of me… I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.


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  1. Zeeshan
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 21:01:43

    I don’t know if it just me but a lot of the time I read your words my mind(or your words 😉 ) finds a way to make them about me and I learn a lesson every time. 🙂


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