Starting this blog wasn’t an easy decision to make, even though I was fifteen and I wrote as much then as I do now. Starting this blog meant sharing part of myself with the world and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to. But somehow I did, and keeping myself anonymous, I spoke about things on this blog that I’ve never spoken to anyone about. And with an audience limited to two friends and occasional views from strangers around the world, my blogging experience took shape. I gained a few loyal followers, and slowly but surely, sharing things as personal and hurtful like the ones I do became something I learnt to be more comfortable around. Through this blog I’ve grown, I’ve learnt and I’ve let go. I’ve become who I am through writing and this blog has been my platform to write to all the people I could never walk up to and speak to, hoping someone would accidentally stumble upon it and read what I wrote for them. Things I never thought was likely to happen, did happen. People I wrote for did sometimes stumble upon them, the number of views hiked and I now have over 40 followers, some of who are very enthusiastic people calling themselves “fans” of mine. I met amazing writers through this blog and being able to read their works of art has been a splendid adventure. I was once afraid of blogging, I’m not anymore. Still anonymous, still a stranger to the world, I write to all the people who drop by. I seen comments on my blog so positive that it’s made me tear and if not for my blog I wouldn’t be as confident about my writing as I am now. Still working on it, but I managed to publish a book of short stories and poems at the age of seventeen, and write a couple of songs for a couple of bands, write for a few magazines overseas, and I even got to be part of some major projects.
Four years, and here I am. Still writing, very much thankful for every person who stopped by for a second or a minute, or for a blog post or more. For all the people who read through my words to decode the messages I left for them, the hidden dedications and appreciations. I’m thankful for all this and more. May we have many many more years of blogging 🙂


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  1. Zeeshan
    Jul 07, 2015 @ 16:23:39

    yay! Congratulations on four years of amazing writing! May there be many more ! It’s a privilege to read your work 🙂


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