Words from the Metro

From somewhere beneath the surface of the Earth:

I watch them move, I watch them breathe, I watch them make new friends, hold hands for the first time. I watched him propose, and I watched her refuse. I watched her getting really good at candy crush, I watched him cram for an exam, falling asleep on a stranger’s shoulder. I watched flowers wilt and old age bloom. I watched their lives between the seconds it took for them to get off at the next station, between the glances they chanced at the boys they’ll never come to know. I watched her read messages from a time she can’t relate to anymore, and I watched his scars heal to reveal a compass on the back of his hand, and then I saw you. You watched me the way I watched you, your eyes full of untold stories, your fingers too nervous to hold another, your voice too shaky to speak. And looking into your eyes I knew that I wasn’t alone… I was never alone.


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