Between metro stations and lecture breaks during the last few weeks I’ve been able to put together a poem for you. Do let me know what you think of it. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Tell me if you think I’m wrong
But you’ve lost a life and your heart’s torn,
I see distant shadows in your eyes
From a time when you lived and loved the lies

You’re broken but you stay put, smiles and everything
People move on and ahead, but heartbreaks sting,
There’s depth in your words and meaning in you
And your tears don’t speak; they don’t have to

When your eyes are as dry as paper,
Your heart cold and your thoughts waver,
Please try not to cut yourself at the edges
Let go of all of you that you’ve locked up in cages

After years of disguise they expect it to be easy
But there’s things they’ll never know or see
You know it and yet you try so hard,
You’ve opened up but you’re still on guard

Penned from places you’ve never visited
Of people you’ve loved and things you hated
This is me writing with love to you…
Life’s a mess, but darling, we are all too.