So Close

You are so close to me. So close, that our skin almost touch. We’re so close, with our words filling in those two inches of heavy air between us… building and burning bridges. Almost complete, but never quite so. Your arm afraid to fall across my shoulder, your skin afraid of touching mine, your words careful not to pronounce the words your heart scream at me. We’re so close, my eyes everywhere but on you, my every other thought so outspoken. So close it hurts. So close that your secrets fall face first onto the floor. Your cards turned. Your life written between the breaths that I take. We’re so close that I inhale the air you exhale, and maybe that’s why it hurts so much to breathe with you next to me, walking in sync, a few millimeters from the heat of our secrets burning prints across our skin. So close that the warmth from the air between us melts rain drops. So close that looking at your is painless but the tears that spring taste like lost love.


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