Colours of Morning

Tbilisi-Borjomi train.

You greeted me black- the kind that I could sink in before you started off with a deep, dark shade of blue, with grey patches to stir thoughts that could change my day or even my life. Stars littered my mind and soul around and about all the blue and grey.
You turn into specks of light, an orange glow along the skyline, the buildings a silhouette against your unmatched beauty.
Then comes your cotton candy pink and the grey specks suddenly look like the fading obstacles my day is yet to meet. Like cotton candy left in humid air, the pink takes its own shade of boastful pride, the colour of shameless overshadowing.
Not lasting too long before you turn into purple, a colour yet to sink into my skin before you finally turn to look at me.
With all your morning glory you stare at me, your eyes shining bright with at reflection of the sun to see me on my feet looking into your ever changing face of life. It takes you seconds and before I can even register the fact that days are always going to be too bright for me, you shower me down with flakes of snow that melt at my touch and leave imprints on the window frame. And through the white mess of beauty you’ve created, I speed past, leaving nothing but train tracks on your path and tear drops on my palms to see you and to never see you again.


04:49 am