If you’ve only just met me… (Hello)

If you’ve only just met me you’re allowed to think… trust yourself on your judgement, but don’t trust yourself too much. If you’ve only just met met me, hello… we’ve got a journey to embark. If you see through me, speak out loud but don’t look me in the eyes. Your eyes are the most beautiful shade I’ve seen and I can’t afford that right now. If you’ve only just met me, say something. Ask me a question or two and let me ask you a few… or maybe we’d just sit and laugh and share a secret or watch the sun rise. If you’ve only just met me let me say hello. I’d have little else to say and a lot more to think, but don’t get me wrong.. I’m not judging you either. If you’ve only just met me; well.. hello, it’s about time!



When the paint peels off the walls,
When we don’t run past the halls,
When our memories are distant
Our messages unread or unsent,
When our hellos are unheard,
When our vision’s blurred,
And we’ve forgotten our names,
And when I’m a map of veins
You’ll be the compass pointing me home.