Flowers and Lights (ii)

You are the flowers, and you are the lights. Maybe you’d notice this time.

Everytime I’ve looked at you I’ve seen you four shades more beautiful than you’ve ever called yourself to be, and I’m one for words but I’ve failed and flawed at telling you this. Maybe because the sun sets at different times in the places that we’ve left off to, or maybe because there’s too many airplanes between us, but I’ve shredded your memories into a little more than a million pieces and slid them across different pages so that everyday when I turn one more page I remember one more thing I forgot about you.
We once made plans to try and figure out the rest of the world together but out plans didn’t come to play- so many reasons behind it, so one day we couldn’t see each other anymore and you boarded a plane headed to a place you had wanted to grow up to go to. Soon I boarded a plane too, one that took me to a place I had only recently looked up in a world map to find. We had spent all our time wishing we’d spend every new year together, and every birthday making model airplanes but the years went past us- one, then two, and then three.
I see you today after so long, long enough that it was once ordinary but also long enough once for it to be longer than we’d ever want it to be.
And then you see me. Not much has changed when our words spill out to make a heap of unanswered questions, forgotten stories and wisdom beyond what time allows. It takes a few minutes to let the presence sink in but even the years, even all the equations and bubble chambers we placed between us had never been enough. One day we sat under the cover of a waterfall in a plot of space we had come to call a rain forest, and then we walked past four biomes and into each others’ lives. And years we’ve spent wondering how the girl with more medals than she could count met with the girl who hid behind books and words, the only escape she knew. But there weren’t medals to our story, nor were there books written about us. Somehow this became your biggest victory and the story I could never get enough of.
Because when we sat down together one morning with two glasses of orange juice and a tray between us, when we sat down between two continents and a water bottle, when we sat down between a stack of books and a hundred questions, we became more than the left out questions we couldn’t figure the answers to. We became more than four shades and twenty tints. We became our biggest secret: flowers… and lights!




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